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A Human Brain Project
A Human Brain Project
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MBL Training Manual MBL Training Manual
Mouse Brain Library Training Manual - Detailed Protocol
Brain Atlas Section Mouse Brain Atlas Tutorial
Information, images, and HTML for creating an atlas of your own
Minimicrograph Micrograph Imaging Tutorial
Procedure used to scan the micrographs and acquire the data on this site.
MBL Slide MBL Slide Library Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions for creating a slide database in FileMaker.
iScope Image iScope Internals Manual
A tutorial on the iScope is available here.

VideoScribbler VideoScribbler for Mac
A program for the Macintosh that lets you draw on top of a live video source. VideoScribbler was developed for cell counting.
Counted Slide Point Counting Macros
A set of time saving point counting macros for Object Image.

Slide Stack Tissue Processing Procedure
Information on our tissue processing procedure.
Hippocampus Icon Imaging Techniques and Calibration Procedures
Methods of image acquisition and calibration.

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