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This archive contains the HTML and FileMaker documents required for you to set up a slide database of your own. It is based on our Mouse Brain Library at You will need a copy of FileMaker 4 or later to set up a sample web database with these tutorial files. If you don't own a copy of FileMaker, you can download a time-limited trial version from FileMaker's web site.
Library Folder Download the July 2000 Tutorial
(4MB: BinHexed, Self-extracting stuffit archive)
Included are a slide database, sample images from the MBL, custom HTML code for serving the files, and the "configure FileMaker" file linked to below.

  Need Help Setting Up?

How do I configure FileMaker Pro 4, 5, or 5 Unlimited to serve these files? FileMaker 4 and 5
How is data transferred from the server to the web user? (gif, 50K) Internet Transfer

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