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A Human Brain Project
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Micrographs of a
     Set #013095B

The cross-section of a mouse optic nerve (Case ID 013095B) imaged at low magnification using an electron microscope. The small squares to the right of the image are 1x1 millimeters.
Click on the highlighted spots in red to view a higher magnification. (The next magnifications are about 200 kilobytes and 475x607 pixels.)
This is a set of 25 micrographs taken from a 201-day-old male CAST/Ei. The sample area was 30.99 microns², with a high magnification of 13,040x and low magnification of 192x. There are an estimated 41581 ± 4499 axons in this optic nerve in an area of 89,250 microns².

The histogram and basic statistics of acquired data from the measurements of the axons, as well as the calibrations of the micrograph set are available.

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