Learn how to use the iScope software to control our microscopes and acquire images
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  Installing the iScope software:

If you have already installed the softeware successfully, skip this section.

Mac OS X:

  • Gumbo:
      The software is supplied as a SIT'd disk image, which the Disk Copy application can mount. The default installation of OS X and Internet Explorer will handle both of these steps for you. You can then double-click on "Gumbo Installer.pkg" to run the installer. When installation is complete, Gumbo can be found in the Applications folder.

  • Aria 3-D:
      A new version of Aria 3-D for OS X will be available soon.


  • Gumbo: Most Windows users already have a program to handle .zip files, but if you do not, visit WinZip for a free utility. Now, using your zip tool of choice, unzip "gumbowin2.1rc1.zip" to wherever you like. Now, simply double click the Gumbo exe file!

  • Aria 3-D: Double click on the installer program "aria3Dv10i.exe". This program will guide you through the installation.

Linux (x86):

  • Gumbo: Download gumbo203.tar.gz to your home directory. The following commands will unpack and start Gumbo:
      tar -xvf gumbo2.1rc1.tar.gz
      cd gumbov2.1rc1

  • Aria 3-D: Enter the same commands as above, but replace all instances of "gumbo2.1rc1" with "aria3Dv11".

    Note that the Linux versions of Gumbo and Aria 3-D require the Trolltech Qt shared library, libqt.so.3. This shared library is freely available from RPMFind.

Now that the software is installed, how do I use it?

I still don't understand what something does.

Please contact us: We would like to hear about any problems or suggestions you may have for Gumbo or the iScope. Please email Michael Connolly, Tony Capra, or Christopher Vincent.

I am more interested in the new version of the software.

This page was last updated on August 14, 2002