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Brain Atlas

Mouse Optic Nerve Image Database (MONID)


A collection of high magnification electron micrographs of the mouse optic nerve suitable for quantitative, comparative, and genetic analysis.

Currently Imaged Micrographs :

Strain      Case ID
AKR/J : 040494K
BXD36 : 010699.16
C57BL/6 : 011994H   | 072795A
CAST/Ei : 013095B
CCASF2* : 101295O
DBA/2J : 012197F   | 013095W
PANCEVO/Ei : 020795C


Background References:
"An Analysis of Variation in Retinal Ganglion Cell Number in Mice"
"A Major QTL on Chr 11 Controls Variation in Ganglion Cell Number"
"Cell Production and Cell Death in the Generation of Variation in Neuron Number"
"Mapping Genes that Modulate Mouse Brain Development: A Quantitative Genetic Approach"

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