November 13, 2003
Aria3D 1.6 features overview
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  Aria3D v1.6 Screenshots

Fig.1. Access to the jobs created by the users using Gumbo software and download the selected jobs

Fig.2. Retrieve Mouse Brain Library for the selected image stacks in our public library, also download, view and analyze them. Note that you can check the box "Show Only This Strain" to narrow your search

Fig.3. Analyze image, also including image information and counting box setting

Fig.4. Image adjustment tools: ruler, brightness, contrast, invert, channel and filter

Fig.5. Display neighbor images of the current stack by clicking the button "Display Neighbor" in figure 4

Fig.6. Mark image and save current image or the entire stack, which can be used to make quicktime movie

I still don't understand what something does.

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