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Table of Strains and Types of MBL Mice

Jump directly to individual cases listed in the table below. Each cell lists 1–3 slides that have been imaged. An asterisk denotes that higher magnification images (4.5-µm pixels) are available. Please note that this is not a complete list of cases in the MBL. Use the MBL search engine to get a more complete and up-to-date list.

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Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

Case 5

Case 6

Case 7

Case 8

Case 9

Case 10

129/SvJ 015a, b* 016a* 017a 018a 019a 020a, f*
A/J 004a, b 005a*, b 006a*, b, d 276a, b 277a, b
ABXD5F1 190a, b
ABXD5F2 035a* 039a 041b 042a* 044a, b* 045a 047a 049a 053a 175a
AXB1 361a 371a, b 381a, b 391a*
AXB2 305a*, b 315a, b 321a, b 325a, b* 331a, b 335a, b 341a, b 351a, b 366a, b* 396b
AXB12 313a*, b
BXD1 097a*, b 098a*, b 099a*, b 100a, b* 101a*, b 102a, b 103a*, b 104a, b 105a*, b 106a, b
BXD1 107a, b 432a*, b
BXD2 442a, b*
BXD5 024a1, a2 024b1*, b2* 025a*, b, b1 241a*, b
BXD8 109a*, b 114a*, b 199a*, b 200a, b* 207a, b* 208a*, b 209a, b*
BXD9 206a, b* 440a, b* 450a, b*
BXD11 118a*, b 119a*, b
BXD12 202a*, b 203a, b* 407a*, b 488a*, b* 498a*, b
BXD13 125a*, b 220a*, b
BXD14 219a*, b 471a*, b 481a*, b
BXD15 218a, b 480a, b* 492a*, b
BXD18 126a, b* 127a, b* 409a, b* 500a*, b
BXD19 129a*, b 216a*, b 429a*, b 449a*, b*
BXD20 411a, b* 469a*, b
BXD22 133a, b 134a, b* 215a*, b 479a*, b 499a*, b
BXD23 214a*, b 428a, b* 438a, b* 458a*, b
BXD24 144a, b* 146a*, b 431a*, b 468a*, b*
BXD25 142a, b* 143a*, b 435a* 445a*, b* 465a*, b
BXD27 211a, b* 229a, b* 230a, b* 437a, b*
BXD28 152a*, b 153a*, b 467a, b* 487a*, b
BXD29 225a, b* 426a*, b 446a, b* 502a*, b*
BXD30 224a, b* 476a, b* 486a*, b 496a*, b
BXD31 222a*, b 415a*, b 461a*, b*
BXD32 115a, b* 121a*, b 139a*, b 163a, b* 221a, b* 237a*, b 239a*, b 240a*, b
C57BL/6J 169a, b* 232a*, b
C57BL/10J 080a, b 081a, b 258a, b 259a, b
C57L/J 010a, b 011a*, b 012a, b* 013a*, b 014a, b
C58/J 264a, b 265a, b
CASA/Rk 261a, b 280a, b
CAST/Ei 413a, b 423a, b 433a, b 443a, b
CBA/CaJ 062a, b 063a, b 064a 263a, b 278a, b
CD-1 055b 056a, b 057a, b 058a, b 059a 060a, b 061a
CE/J 086a, b 087a, b 088a, b
DBA/1J 090a, b 092a, b 256a, b 257a, b
DBA/2J 165a, b 166a, b 242a, b 243a, b 244a, b 245b* 246a, b 247a, b 248a, b
FVB/NJ 475a, b 485a, b 495a, b 504a, b
LG/J 253a, b 269a, b 270a, b
LP/J 412a, b 422a, b 473a, b 483a, b 493a, b 503a, b
MOLF/Ei 174a, b 255a, b
NOD/LtJ 007a1, a2 007b1, b2 008a1, a2 008b1, b2 009a, b 267a, b 268a, b
NZW/LacJ 072a, b 073a, b 074a, b 075a, b 076a, b
PANCEVO/Ei 494a, b 505a, b
PL/J 089a, b 275a, b
SJL/J 027a, b 028a, b 029a, b 272a, b 281a, b
SM/J 030a, b 031a, b 032a, b, b1
WSB/Ei 453a, b 463a, b